eHome Biz (EHB) is the leading turn-key provider of services to assist owners of home-based and small businesses. EHB pioneered the turn-key approach to small business development by offering a complete suite of services designed to create online success stories. The EHB program is designed specifically to assist people in growing and or expanding their home based businesses.

EHB offers complete packages, designed to fit a specific "services to budget" ratio. Simply put, EHB believes there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. EHB offers free business consultations to determine the exact needs for the client. Because EHB is a true turn-key provider, a complete package can be offered and supported.

eHome Biz brings a decade of expertise in integrated marketing, strategy and business development, and new business launch services to its clients. While always being focused on a client’s return on investment, eHome Biz injects passion into every engagement it manages and is energized by what the future holds for these new home-based businesses and their owners.

e-Commerce Online offers the following award winning products and services:

Business development services including strategy development, e-commerce site development, SEO support, and a complete sales support suite.

Complete coaching/mentoring services for developing web presence, Internet tactics, product sourcing, market analysis, and home-based business launch management.

Certified ecommerce coaching/mentoring program that includes strategy, market forecasting, business development, and continued program support.

If you are serious about growing your home based business and you want to insure it's success, request a free EHB business consultation by calling the number below:

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